Second Session

The Bandit Nest

The party left the blacksmith and went back to Grendel’s for food and rest.

Astro is the first to awaken. He leaves the house and snacks on an apple as he wanders the town. He eventually stumbles upon a tavern and decided to enter. Inside he is questioned by a red-haired dwarf about his choice of drink. Astro attempts to avoid conversation and begins to read a book detailing the Far Realm. The dwarf introduces himself as Uthred the Unnamed and cautions Astro about the things that shouldn’t be looked into. They begin to discuss over drinks.
Back at Grendel’s, Morokai awakens. He notices Astro is missing and that Volkmir is still asleep. He begins to sneak over to his bed, causing a floorboard to creak. This awakens Volkmir, who holds Runefang tighter. Morokai gives in and heads out to the streets. He eventually finds Astro and Uthred, and joins in with the drinking. During the chatter Astro notices a figure in the corner, hooded with a green cloak with a ______ at her feet. He becomes infatuated by her, remembering the books of adventures containing a figure in the corner. Uthred turns to him and begins to give him tips on how to get with her. Distracted for a moment, he turns back to see the figure has gone. He rushes out the door to find her and notices her cloak wisp behind a corner. He runs to follow but loses her in a crowd. He returns to the party. [WTF did Volkmir do?] As the tavern closes, Morokai leaves and heads back to Grendel’s. Astro stays with Uthred on the tavern floor.

Early the next morning the town is awoken to cheer on the mercenaries who have come to help the town. Silus requests all who seek to aid step forward. Uthred steps forward, as does a pale human in strange clothing. Astro, Morokai, and Volkmir step forward also. One of the Black Knights steps forward. The party are paraded through the streets, the citizens cheering. They enter the tavern, which has been set up with a desk with a sage sat behind it. The sage has milky white eyes, clearly blinded. They sign a proof of oath and a contract. The sage links the oath to the person through magical connections. The party takes the oath and sign the contracts. Astro uses the last name ‘Requiem’. The contracts signed by Astro and Volkmir begin to crinkle at the edges, revealing a magic on the contract that can identify when a fake name has been used. Silus takes the two aside and cautions them that the deception must not happen again, clearly desperate for their help. The smartly dressed man that stepped up earlier introduces himself as Xander Scientiem.

The party begin to follow the sage, who is throwing knucklebone dice into a container. Astro begins to become curious about this, convinced that this has something to do with the DM. The party travel around in the forest for a while. Eventually Xander launches his owl into the air and closes his eyes. He announces that there is a cave to the East and, after consulting his dice, tells the party to head that way. He and his guard escorts begin heading back to the town. The party come to the mouth of the cave and Astro lets his spider begin descending. Morokai lights a torch, as Volkmir declares his oath and lights Runefang. Xander produces four lights, which order themself in the front, center, and back of the party. The party descend into the cave. ____ falls into a pittrap. They eventually come to a room with a pool of water on the other end. Volkmir comes to the waters edge and investigates it with Runefang. This produces a bandit, who attempts to jump on Volkmir while screaming about ‘the eyes’. He is met with the hammer of Uthred and sent back to the water. He is dragged out and begins raving on frantically about the eyes. The party begin attacking the lunatic. He begins to crawl away as Astro straddles him and puts a dagger to his throat. Astro declares “may your soul seek sanctuary in the darkness of the Void”. Before he can pull the blade the bandit begs and grabs hold of the dagger, ruggedly slitting his own neck. He falls into a puddle of his own blood.

The party spends the next hour taking a short rest. Xander concentrates on his owl, which turns into a snake. Uthred casts light on a rock and drops it into the water, showing a tunnel near the bottom. Xander sends his snake companion to the bottom of the pool and through the tunnel, showing a slope on the other end that leads up to another part of the cave. The party begins to dive down. Uthred uses the weight of his armour to slingshot under the curve and climb up the slope with ease. The rest of the party struggle on the mossy slope. Before diving, Volkmir hides his pack between the rocks, and Astro his bookpack. He pulls out a single journal and puts his spider on the spine. The book and spider then disappear. Astro does, however, leave his pack in the middle of the room.

The next section of the cave presents three tunnels with drag marks leading from the center one. Astro puts his hand out in the darkness and summons the spider and the book. He sends his spider down the centre, and Xander sends his snake down the right one. The spider becomes lost and Astro sends him to a pocket dimension before returning it to him. After some time the snake returns on the left tunnel. The party head down the right tunnel and are met with another set of three doors. Again sending their familiars down different routes. This continues for another few rooms before coming to an open circular room with gravel on the floor. The party is cautious to walk to the center of the room, except for Uthred, who marches towards the door on the other side. As he walks over he steps on a green scale. He compares it to Morokai’s. Xander produces a magical hand and grabs the scale off of Uthred. The scale leaves cut marks in his gauntlet. Xander inspects the scale. The party continue on.

The tunnel leads to a dead end. The party returns to the door, which has turned into a square room with a plinth and cauldron in the middle, the cauldron producing a strange blue flame. Uthred investigates the flame, which seems to produce no heat. He sticks his hand in it, and then proceeds to climb into the cauldron. Astro runs forward to try and stop him but then notices that he is not being burned. He leaves the cauldron and begins to move it, announcing that it was cool and that it needed to be taken with them. As the cauldron leaves the plinth the fire extinguishes. He returns the cauldron and it relights. He moves the cauldron and stands in the plinth and then tells the party to move the cauldron back. As it reignites it slightly burns Uthred. They continue down a now revealed third corridor to the room. Astro quickly tries to investigate the cauldron, but it is pushed over by Silus. They join the party.

They enter a room full of purple statues, with a plinth in the center with a portal and a statue that Silus states is very similar to Krano. Uthred begins blasting statues, while Astro proceeds to the center of the room, intrigued by the portal. As he heads towards the center the room begins to hiss. Astro, does not notice this sound as he is lost in his interest in the portal. He makes it about half way before he collapses to the ground unconscious. Xander, Silus, and the Black Knight also fall unconscious.

Suddenly a creature launches towards the party. Astro awakens and produces a blue hand that stretches out and grabs hold of Xander and shakes him awake. He then begins to run towards the center. He notices an axe in the now shattered remains of Krano. He also notices a small fine chain which he pulls out of the rubble. He then turns and launches an Eldritch blast to try and hit the first creature, but misses. A second one erupts from a hole in the ground and charges towards Astro, biting his arm. Astro turns to the creature, flames spouting from his eyes and mouth as he screams in a demented voice “You dare injure me!?”. Flaming tentacles spawn from the ground and slither around the creature before turning somewhat ethereal and launching back into the ground through the creatures body. Astro’s skin begins to toughen and turn to stone. Astro attempts to launch another blast but misses. The creature bites Astro again, causing another hellish rebuke. This causes Astro to fall unconscious and turns to crystal. Uthred runs over and begins to fight this second creature while ______ kills the first. Xander points his finger towards a tunnel that a third creature hid in and a ground shattering boom caused the upper half of the creature to launch out of it. The second is killed and the last retreats.

The party notices that shards of crystal that had been slathered in the slain creatures blood returned to flesh. They grabbed Astro and launched him into the entrails. Astro awakens and takes in his surroundings. He then remembers the chain which on further notice reveals an amulet with a piece of purple crystal similar to that of the statues. Astro throws the amulet to Morokai before heading over to investigate the portal. The party investigate five chests that are around the plinth. Astro opens one which reveals a large belt. He wraps it around himself and feels imbued with strength. An idea sparks into Astro’s head and he asks for the amulet back from Morokai. Silus also asks for the amulet. Astro sits infront of the portal, the amulet gravitating towards the center of it. He spends some time concentrating on the amulet. while the rest of the party pours the entrails into the piles of civilians in the ground. The amulet eventually stops gravitating and falls to the ground. Astro throws it to ________ who opens the portal. As Silus and the Black Knight herd the civilians into the portal, which leads to the gates of Havfar. The party return to the water cavern to pick up their stuff before heading home.

In the town the heroes are celebrated. Volkmir is approached by a beautiful young woman, a princess from House _________. They become intimate and spend the rest of the day/night together. Morokai returns to the blacksmiths and invites them out to the tavern for a drink. Astro searches the town for an apartment, and is rented one for 2sp per day. He paints a symbol into the floor and produces a circle of candles around it. He sits beneath the eye of the symbol and creates a pair of small blue hands to hold the journal he held onto earlier. He opens up the journal and begins reading. He sees visions of the party dying brutally in the cave, and the party successfully returning to town. He also sees Silus and a flash of silver, then Silus bleeding out on the ground. He then passes out.

He awakens in a pool of his own blood.


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