First Session

The Journey to Havfar

The tale began with Morokai and Volkmir travelling to Havfar in Grendel‘s cart, as they had recieved news of a large bounty that had been sent out. As the three chatted away on their was, they were ambushed by 6 goblins and a goblin boss, on both sides of the road. Grendel was shot in the knee and fell from the cart, with his horses being greatly spooked. Morokai and Volkmir took a side each and squared off against the goblins, Morokai killing two and a third fleeing, while Volkmir faced off with the goblin boss. Morokai shushed the horses and Grendel, then snuck around the back of the remaining goblins while Volkmir beheaded the goblin Boss. Afterward, Volkmir went around and looted the corpses while Morokai removed the arrow from Grendel and healed him, who promptly passed out.
The two decided to follow the goblin who escaped, as Morokai recognised a necklace the goblin was wearing to be of a great family in (toork?), leaving Grendel and his cart at the side of the road with a note promising to return by nightfall. They tracked it to the base of a cliff where a cave entrance sat, with a sleeping goblin sentry outside. The two quickly finished off the sentry before heading to the mouth of the cave, where Morokai, suspicious of what lay in the darkness, used his breath of lightning to light up the cave, only to find nothing but a long sloping corridor. The two headed down the corridor and around a corner, only for Volkmir to Step upon a cobblestone slab, tripping a trap and firing two arrows into him. He cast Find Traps and discovered another two slabs, one concealing a swinging axe. They reached the door at the end of corridor. They entered into a room with a shrine to an old god in one corner, and an oath circling the walls “For the People, when we follow the light we can never fail” Volkmir cast Find Traps again, finding a lever under the shrine. Interested in the presence of evidence of the gods, Volkmir paid homage with a gold coin, by placing it in the slot at the top. The Statue glowed blue, and Volkmir recited the words from the room, “For the People, when we follow the light we can never fail”, causing the top of the shrine to open, revealing a glowing blue dagger, which he picked up carefully. He recited the words a second time, and the dagger flashed blindingly bright, and a second later had grown into a glowing sword by the name of Runefang [ [ i’ll do the rest after work <3><3 Before this to be written in by Gordon, James, or Edgar]
After returning to the cart the duo find Grendel sat beside a pale half-elf by the name of Astro who stayed silent, however was able to communicate with Morokai telepathically. Grendel suggested they camp the night and set off in the morning, and the party gets some rest.
In the morning Volkmir awoke to his goblin bringing him a gift of a crowbar he had ‘found’. The goblin was instructed to return the object, which he did so to Astro who was busy reading notes and grilling a sandwich over the campfire. Grendel proposed the party headed off towards the town but refused the goblin passage on the wagon. Volkmir decided to let the goblin go. A few feet away the goblin fell to the ground screaming with blood spilling from his orifices. Astro could be seen whispering and was assumed to be casting. The party kept a reserved stance on this as Volkmir used a healing potion on the goblin and hurried him off.
The party continued onto the town. Astro had taken a break from his studying to play with a spider. Once they reached the gate the guards on duty began to talk about a ‘visitors tax’ This only applied to the wagon driver as the rest of the party were assumed to be helping with the bandits. Volkmir jumped out the cart, allowing Morokai to talk to Astro about the goblin incident. The human Volkmir and Morokai had rescued asked to talk to the two away from the half-elf. He thanked them for rescuing him and rewarded them. Astro lept from the wagon and joined Grendel and the guards, He attempted to persuade the guards that Grendel was with them but the guards were not convinced, pushing Astro to the ground. The other two arrived and Volkmir told the guards to stand down, showing them his ring. The guards yielded and they entered the town.
Grendel showed the party his home and granted them bed and food if they desired. He then retreated inside to see him family. The heroes decided to get their armour repaired first, however en route they passed the library. It had a notice board outside with a few bounties. It also explained the need for permits for the use of magics within the city. They entered and Morokai received a permit for healing spells. Astro inquired about the whereabouts of books regarding the ‘Great Old Ones’. The librarian pointed him in the direction of the religious books in the fiction section. He searched the large aisles only to find that all the religion books had been removed, stating “It looks like we’ve been deceived” to his spider. Making his way out, the librarian asked if he found what he was after, and was shocked when she was told the books were missing. She sent a guard to search, keeping an eye on the half-elf. Astro offered to aid in the search, offering any information he acquired in his stay.
The party then made their way to the blacksmith. A boulder of a man stood outside, hammering away at what looked to be a blade on an anvil. When approached by Morokai, the boulder grunted and directed them to the woman inside the shop. When they entered the woman began to talk, but as she lifted her head she became startled at the dragonborn’s appearance. They bartered their rusted items for new armour and weapons. Morokai noticed that the girl was unfairly haggling, and felt the first sign of prejudice against unhuman races.


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